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Boundary & Short Plat Surveys

This is an example of a typical site topography survey with a boundary component. APS was asked to retrace and establish the boundaries for two lots in a Division. We were also tasked with a topographic survey at one-foot contour intervals, associated cross sections, wetlands retracement, and OHWM (ordinary high water mark) flag locations. As a result of our survey, completed on time and budget; we were asked to expand the survey to include Lots 6, 5, 4, and 3 of another Addition to the area, along with the abutting Right-of-Way. Because our client and their team were designing “on the fly” the areas of survey were prioritized area by area. We had one crew working in an area while the other crew established the boundaries. All this was synchronized by our Survey Manager to provide the client with daily map updates. The final mapping was provided and accepted on-time and budget.

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