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3D High Definition Scanning

In November of 2005, APS Survey & Mapping was tasked with a uniquely challenging project. Our client needed to know where the power lines crossed the intersection of two major highways. Above the labyrinth of ramps, underpasses and bridges at the intersection of Interstate 90 and Interstate 405, there are three major transmission line crossings. The engineers needed to know where each of the lines was horizontally and vertically including the sag or catenary portion of the wires. One of the spans contained six wires each more than 1540 feet in length. The client also needed to know the insulator and pole locations. In order to accomplish the task, we first controlled the overall site (4000 feet by 1600 feet) by setting GPS control between islands, banks of roadways, and anywhere that would not interrupt traffic. We used our HDS 3000 Leica 3D High Definition System to scan the maze of overhead wires, insulators and power towers. The deliverables included a point file containing more than 1500 individual shots on the centenaries as they swooped from tower to tower. We also provided a DEM file and a drawing delineating the aerial objects hovering above the intersection of the two highways. The project was completed on-time and significantly under budget.

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