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Land Title Surveys

In April of 2006, APS Surveying & Mapping was approached by Evergreen/Washelli Memorial Park Company, to prepare a set of ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey on two existing cemeteries sites. As with most ALTA surveys, the time frame for the drawing creation was absolute and short (35 days). Additionally, there were three legal firms that had final review and comment. APS Surveying & Mapping was able to meet the deadline and consent of the attorneys.

Mike Hotes, PLS, took the lead as overall project manager. While Mike organized the title information; Loren Willet, Chief of Parties, dispatched the field crews to the sites. The larger of the two sites was a 150-acre site in Northern Seattle. The other site encompassed 94-acres in Brier, Washington, in Snohomish County. Both of the sites had houses, mausoleums’, chapels, roadways, sculptures, pathways and fountains. A full host of utilities and easements were interlaced throughout the sites. Both sites were fenced and had several encroachments.

Each night the notes from the field crews were reduced and a new package for the crews awaited them in the morning. As Mike developed the drawings, Tyler Sweet, PLS, kept in contact with the legal firms. Matt Galdo, APS’s CADD manager, and Mike kept the drawings up-to-date, while the rest of the team fed them more information.

By final delivery, all issues had been sorted out among the different attorneys. The verbiage on the drawings had been agreed upon and the personnel associated with this project have been loyal clients ever since.

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