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Legal Descriptions and Research

This project is an example of APS Survey & Mapping’s ability to combine cutting edge technologies to provide accurate and comprehensive route topography and utility mapping. This project consisted of nineteen miles of route survey. The work effort included nine section breakdowns and over one hundred parcel determinations. In order to accomplish this initial work, we utilized Fast-Static GPS survey methods to create an overall control network along the route. We combined this GPS control network with conventional means and records research to recover and/or calculate the section and property breakdowns along the route. Our next step was to overlay the existing easements on to this property and control network survey. With the expanded base map in hand, we directed the sub-suface utility locators to pothole at designated points along the record route in order to locate the existing waterline. We then collected their subsurface information and controlled it using GPS and conventional methods. Our crews then began topographic and utility location survey along this established route in cooperation with locators. The field crews located encroachments, appurtenances, and ground features along with the utilities. We produced the basic topographic and property right-of-way map. This included takes and legal descriptions for the encroachments found along the route. Additional legal descriptions and exhibits were produced for each take to be incorporated in to easement documentation. Upon completion of the fieldwork and mapping, a four-day walk through enabled us to finalize the mylars and CADD disks provided to the client.

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