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3D High Definition Scanning

At APS we embrace new technology and remain on the cutting edge with our equipment and personnel training. Our Leica (Cyra) 3D High Definition Survey HDS 3000 exemplifies our technology goals. It enables us to collect up to 40,000 field observations (Northing, Easting, Elevation) per minute. The resulting field survey captures everything within view up to 350 feet. This allows us to provide our clients with amazing detail. The versatility of this instrument and its application to our projects has revolutionized the way we survey. We have now incorporated this instrument to our daily surveying. Most of our clients have not yet moved into “true” 3D mapping, for instance most symbol tables are only 2D. For these clients, we continue to present the information and mapping in a two dimensional display. They are unable to differentiate between conventional surveying and the HDS3000 surveying. However, with the advent of more powerful computers and CADD software more of our clients want their survey information in a 3D format. APS Survey & Mapping is pleased to be at the forefront of this rising technology.


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